So, uh, did you see that dancing gorilla?

Pretty unexpected, huh?


Did you know that surprises intensify our emotions by 400%? And that our happiest memories contain an element of surprise? And that, while we feel most comfortable when things are certain, we feel most alive when they're not?

Night School is a monthly event that features two mini-classes on life's coolest and most useful skills. Learn about the psychology of surprise and how you can apply it to your life, as well as the research behind creativity, the science of happiness, how to survive a zombie apocalypse, how to make awesome mistakes (because we all make mistakes, might as well make them great ones!), how to manage relationships, how to make a great first impression, and how to improve your communication skills, among many other topics. 


Our next event is Thursday, June 4th!

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Night School: The Power of Body Language/Five Alternatives To Traditional Marriage

Thursday, June 4th

6:30 Doors / 7:00 Presentations  

Open Stage Club (2325 Galiano Street, Coral Gables, FL 33134)